Piaware feeder problem, no aircraft visible on local map

I’m feeding Flightaware with two raspberries.
I did this via WiFi til yesterday without any problem.
Because my wifi signal slowed down, I decided to connect them via eth0. (Not static)
I started both with a clean install, and also changed the config to use ethernet connection.
But after a while, they stop working. The local 8080 map, does not show any aircraft.
I have tried two other flightsticks, but this was not the problem.

When you look at the stats from Flightaware, there is a connection, but no datafeed.
I’m also using modesmixer2 with a colleague, also here, good connection, but no data feed.
Does anybody recognises this problem…

Thanks in advance


Did you check the log files in /var/log? Dump*.log and piaw*.log.

Most things that happen “after a while” are going to be hardware related - perhaps you have a power problem or a bad physical USB connection.

can you replace your antenas? just for sure antenas is last we think about but normally can be the problem.

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