PiAware/Feed Log Terminal Remote Monitoring

With PiAware, I currently feed FlightAware, FlightRadar24, and PlaneFinder on my RPi. I wanted an easy way to monitor all the relevant logs on one remote Linux terminal screen, and then I learned about ‘multitail’, which is great for this:

Here is what my command looks like to invoke this display:

multitail -l 'ssh pi@frodo18 "tail -n 5000 -f /var/log/messages"' -l 'ssh pi@frodo18 "tail -n 5000 -f /tmp/piaware.out"' -l 'ssh pi@frodo18 "tail -n 5000 -f /var/log/pfclient.log"' -l 'ssh pi@frodo18 "tail -n 5000 -f /var/log/fr24feed.log"'

Here is a sample of what it looks like:


This system assumes that you have configured your ssh connection to the RPi to allow password-less login.*

Looks good, I haven’t looked at the logs to see if there is anything you need to redact :slight_smile:

One thing you may want to look at is using key authentication to make things a little more secure, I have my root accounts set to use private key authentication when I do rsync over ssh to do remote backups. Running wide open ssh without any kind of authentication seems a little hedgy to me. Here’s a starter page if you’re interested https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/remote-access/ssh/passwordless.md

Yep, that is the type of ssh authentication that I use on my servers – only authorized accounts are allowed to ssh into these servers :slight_smile: The tutorial you presented looks like an easy and clear explanation on how to do this :slight_smile: