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Piaware contributing under wrong account

I recently put together a piaware setup out of some spare parts that I had sitting around. However, despite having set my username and password in piaware-config the flightaware site seems to believe that the piaware site belongs to another member of my household. Email support directed me here, to the forums. What needs to be done to associate this piaware site with my account instead of my housemate, rodnarf’s?

Hi Swampy

Do you see it under … flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/claim

If not but it is under your housemates account, I suspect it needs to expire from his account first - believe this happens after 1 month of inactivity, but have never seen it happen so I could be wrong on that.

An alternative might be to see if you can fake the mac address of the ether device on your Pi - read on the forums that some are doing this or (preferred way I would thing ) look at this thread,
piaware-mutability will allow you to overwrite the mac allocation.

Later Ferdie

Can you please have the other user post here requesting the change?

Correct, this is not my equipment. Go ahead and change whatever settings are necessary.


Hi all,
I just set up a new PiAware device and it seems that the same thing happened. My device was paired with another account. I have since manually associated my device to my account and I can see that they are linked, but the device and data transmitted are linked to the other account. I wonder if the device is linked to both accounts now?

I do not see an option to unclaim a device. FA staff, are you able to assist?

Also, I assume that since my account is not sharing data, my account has not been upgraded to Enterprise. Is this a correct assumption?

Thank you

I’m a little confused but can you link to the site/user?

I set up a PiAware device and some how it was paired with another username. I can link to the other users stats site and it does show that the user has a site and there is activity starting the day I set it up, even though I typed my crednetials on the PiAware device itself. When I go to claim the device for my username, the page reads “Great news! Your account is associated with the following PiAware receivers and you can view your statistics here:” but when I go to the stats page, it displays “No Active FlightAware ADS-B Sites For This User”.

I assume that a device cannot be linked to multiple usernames and I need to remove the device from the other user’s account.

I hope this helps and makes it a bit more clear. Thank you for your help.

Can you link to the site/user?

I am sorry but I am not quite sure what you mean. Can I connect via the IP address to the device? Can I connect to the stats page for the other user? Do you want the link to the other users stats page?

Thank you

Yes, please – so I can know what device you’re talking about.

The other users stats site is

Please let me know if you need additional information. Thanks

OK, switched. It appears you are on the same network as the other user.

Thank you! When I first set it up I was. I did not think it would automatically pair. Oops :slight_smile:

Thanks again dbaker. I really appreciate it. I am very excited!

Hi DBaker,

I’m afraid I did this too. I was helping a friend bring up his PiAware and accidentally linked it to my account.

The MAC address is: b8:27:eb:eb:25:c2
and his account is: n100rh

Could you please de-register this one from my account (n4127k) and add it to his (n100rh)?



Can you please deregister this from N175MC and add it to iflyabeech…I see it on my claim page but it is still contributing to his account. He gave this Pi to me.


Can you please have him submit the request?

He doesn’t know how to do that…I can log on to his account and try it… I set it up for him before and he has no idea what any of this is…

aaaand… he doesn’t remember his password…