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PiAware and GPS dongle

I have a USB GPS dongle from a previous project that I could probably dig up and plug into the PiAware box that I am currently running, my question is, does it do anything for the system? (I could also use it as an extremely low stratum 1 NTP server for my house, so not all would be lost if the PiAware suite couldn’t take advantage of it)

Thanks in advance!

These are just my opinions, not so much advice. :wink: Assuming you’re running ntpd on your Pi, the GPS wouldn’t really add anything, as far as I know. As for running your own NTP server, it’s a cool idea, but again, you can just point your computers to any of the public stratum 1 time servers.

Well, it’s either that or I leave it in a box buried in my storage room. Besides, I haven’t had a stratum 1 server since I left the military. :frowning:

I wasn’t sure if there was some additional feature or information that the Pi can send up with GPS timing.

If you are interested in seeing what someone else has done with the pi in the NTP area, take a look at satsignal.eu/

I am actually reading the article on his site in another tab! 8)