PiAware 7.1 and PuTTY

I must be overlooking something with my setup. I downloaded the 7.1 image and wrote it to the Sd Card via the program Win32DiskImager. That seemed to work fine. From my PC I made a few edits to the piaware-config.txt file and then added the file ssh.
Placed the SD Card into the Pi and it booted up and is online with 7.1. I then use WinSCP ver 5.19.5 to connect to the Pi. From there I have the option to Open Terminal or Open in PuTTY. The Terminal option will open but PuTTY will not. This window pops up…
28655 Info Capture 021
I can put my Version 6.0 SD Card back into the Pi and can connect via PuTTY just fine.
Any thoughts? Thanks Mark

Googling the error always brings the solution “Upgrade Putty”

Like here:

or here

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I don’t recall the steps I had used installing WinSCP and PuTTY, must have been separate. WinSCP was updating but PuTTY was at version .63. Uninstalled .63 and installed .76. Now able to connect to the 7.1 image. Thanks for the help.

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