Piaware 6.0 Update & Crash

I did the 6.0 update via my ADSB stats page.
Been running on an RTLSDR for a few years.
Summation of the messages:
FA running and connected but no data
Please excuse myshortcuts, hopefully you get the idea

Beast-format …30104: Errno 111 Connection Refused
Connection to localhost:30005: lost: Errno 111 Connection refused
no ADS-B data program listening on port 30005 for 71 seconds
dump1090-fa.service failed result exit-code
And that and similar just keep scrolling
All was fine prior to the upgrade.
And I admit my Linux is rusty…really rusty

Clean and easy solution: Download piaware SD Card image ver 6.0, and re-image microSD card. Preferably use a spare microSD card to write ver 6.0 image.

Do you have the rtlsdr-ppm config option set? If so, try removing that option.

I have 2 feeders, and I had this exact same problem last night on one of them - I had delayed upgrading to watch for issues as one of my feeders is 500 miles away. Fortunately (?) this happened on my local feeder.

I finally shut it down then cycled the power. Not sure if this reset the SDR, the USB hardware, or what since restarts didn’t get it done. The power cycle resulted in a working unit once again.

The remote feeder seems to have updated without any issue.

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