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PiAware 4.0 Image no Swap / Virtual Memory configured?

Did anyone notices that the latest PiAware 4.0 version of Image Firmware does not have Swap / Virtual Memory setup or configured on the SD Card partition but on Raspbian 10 Buster has the default Swap / Virtual Memory existance?

Does it need it? I don’t think it does and you don’t want Swap/Paging on solid state memory. That’s an improvement, I think.

Not sure just wondering why PiAware developers removed the Swap / Virtual Memory which by default exist in from Raspbian 10 Lite Image which they custom develop for FlightAware feeders?

Maybe because swapping is simply not necessary? Swapping can significantly reduce the lifetime of an SD card.

And as a feeder only, swapping is not required.
I have it disabled too on both of my Raspberry OS devices.
To reduce the write attempts more, log2ram should be used as well

btw: Raspbian does not exist any longer, the name is Raspberry OS :slight_smile:

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Oh… My ignorance… it have been renamed already lately … Thanks for updates… :wink:

No prob, it was just a hint :slight_smile:

So far the developer did not says anything about the Swap / Virtual Memory being removed in their Features log …

This is not something new in 4.0, past versions did not configure swap either.

This is a deliberate decision. PiAware doesn’t put the system under memory pressure so swap is not necessary, and swapping to a sdcard can dramatically reduce its lifetime.


Ok. Noted with thanks.

Only the 64 bit version has been renamed, I believe. Will have to check that out.

Is it worth it to disable swap? And how to? Had yet another card that died yesterday.

You should check if your device is even swapping. If the swap usage is always zero, it doesn’t matter

You might take a closer look to “log2ram” which helps a lot reducing write attempts.

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Thanks for the tips… will look into installing this app… https://github.com/azlux/log2ram

echo “deb http://packages.azlux.fr/debian/ buster main” | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/azlux.list
wget -qO - https://azlux.fr/repo.gpg.key | sudo apt-key add -
apt update
service log2ram stop
apt install log2ram

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