PiAware 3.3.0 Step-by-step Installation Guide

Made a very detailed software installation guide for the latest PiAware with 27 images, also covering remote access via SSH and Putty.
Windows, Pi3 and RTL-SDR dongle used, Flightaware Pro Stick and Pro Stick Plus requires same steps.
Available here:

radioforeveryone.com/p/piawa … ation.html

Please comment below how you like the guide, I’d especially love the hear from total beginners and newbies, because I’ve installed PiAware numerous times and can find my way around a command line environment, but others might not.
Or any other comment, from clarification or additional image request for a step, or whatever comes to your mind as long as helping beginners is your objective.
I can’t provide Mac instructions as I have no Mac, if you do, you’re more than welcome to do printscreens and PM me with steps, full credits or anonimity as you wish.



Nicely done.
I like the emphasis on ‘make sure you have the right drive’.
For the next step, you might want to cover ‘cover your…’ about backing things up before you change them, and CHANGE THE PI’s DEFAULT PASSWORD’.
You might also put in something in the line of “you will crash it at sometime. Don’t worry, it’s not going to kill anyone. It’s just part of the learning curve.”
Good job over all.

Current image will bug you about that on login (I guess the screenshots were taken after it was already changed), but it’s a good thing to reinforce.

Thank you for this. I initially struggled to get the SSH enabled (turned out to be very easy) but I couldn’t figure out how to access the PI. This website just says “log into PI” and skips the whole SSH program like Putty. I guess they figure I should have already known that or maybe I have missed it. I was able to set up Putty and log in and expand my SD card. I am feeling like a boss now. Thanks again!

Sometimes we have intuitive blind spots that miss things that we know so well it’s unconscious, like being able to type for example. We forget that it is like learning a new language. Congrats on the progress

(Progress is feeling marginally competent on increasingly complex things) :slight_smile: