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PiAware 1.12 Bug

I’m in the process of setting up my second install of PiAware (v1.12) and I ran into an bug with either PiAware client or on the server side.

I setup my second install of PiAware (MAC b8:27:eb:71:65:81)using a test account I created, ColbyTest (flightaware.com/user/ColbyPerry) shows only 1 feed.

Is once a MAC is registered to an account, can it not move to another account automatically?


There’s no current way to release a device. Do you want me to move that MAC to your regular account?

Yes please, I was going to close out the ColbyTest account in attempt to see if that’d “free” it up.

After researching, I’m unable to delete the account. Can you please move the MAC in question over to this account?