PIA Planning to Resume Athens Service in 2011

PIA is planning to restart flights to Athens, Greece, from June 2011

In year 2006, PIA flights between Pakistan and Athens were operated via Milan. It was twice a week service.

PIA advertisement given in March 24, 2006 newspaper for promotion of flights to Athens.

historyofpia.com/board/march … _mar24.jpg

Pakistan is here---------------------------------------------P
Athens is here------------------------------A
Milan is here-----------------M

Why would they fly passengers from from Pakistan to Milan then Athens? Was it a round robin flight (i.e. KHI-MXP-ATH-KHI)? That I could understand, especially if they didn’t have traffic rights between ATH and MXP.

The reason Pakistan international airline is flying to Athens is because there are so many number of Pakistani people living there.

There are some 200,000 Muslims living in Athens. Now that is alot of Pakistani people :slight_smile:

Back in 2006 PIA did make some profit as well when they were flying to Athens

I’ll accept that there are Muslims living in Athens. I’ll accept that there are Pakistanis living in Athens. I do not accept that all 200,000 Muslims living in Athens are Pakistani nor that all Pakistanis living in Athens are Muslims.

Obviously i know that not all the 200,00 muslims are Pakistani :laughing: