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Pi4 will not connect to my WiFi

Here is a screen shot of my Pi Not sure what I am doing wrong!

(I think I confused the instruction background on the lefthand side in the other reply) If your WiFi router is the DHCP server on the network (like most home routers do), check if you have also set wireless-address in your piaware-config.txt. Remove those networking lines or comment them out.

2.4GHz or 5GHz wifi?

The following seems to be missing:

wireless-type dhcp

That is the default, you don’t need to explicitly provide it.

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Thanks, but I bought a pre-loaded USB card and I think something is wrong with how its written. It does not match up the the “How to” on flightAware. So i ordered a 8GB card and going to do the download directly from the FlightAware how to’s! Thank you.

FWIW we don’t sell pre-loaded sdcards; if you’ve picked up a kit from a 3rd party that includes one, it’s a bit of a lottery what will be on it. Writing an image to a sdcard yourself is definitely the way to go here.

Ya I bought it from a 3rd party and that was my bad! I am going to write it on my own and get it right! Thank you very much for responding. I appreciate it!

Thanks, that’s good to know.