Pi builder for hire

I don’t like programming, but I have a Raspberry Pi, and all the required parts. I tried several months ago to program but never got it reporting. I’m looking to ship all this to someone and hire them to complete the project and ship it back to me. Anyone interested? I live in N. Texas.

If you want, you can send it to me, I’ll put it together for you and so long as you provide shipping both ways, I won’t charge you at all. :slight_smile:

…the problem with someone else doing it at ‘their place’ is that FA will automatically register the rig to the site where it first connects from, especially if there is a feeder already on the network there

  • and that could be harder to sort out than doing the original setup.

The ideal would be to work with someone to build it at your place.

Where are you (nearest big town / city) maybe someone will volunteer who is not too far off.

I have access to more than one internet link 8)

Yes, it would be better if someone were to set it up at the OPs house, but if that doesn’t work out.

have you taken a look recently at the instructions on how to get Piaware running using the image supplied by FlightAware?

No programming knowledge is needed all you really need to do is follow the steps on how to transfer the image you download to your SD card which is just a matter of downloading and running a program they have linked in the instructions and selecting the SD card and browsing to the image. After that you just boot it up and in a few minutes claim the Pi on the site by simply following a link.


Good luck!

If push comes to shove…

If you can’t get it going I too would be more than happy to set it up for you for the cost of shipping to and from the Cleveland, Ohio area if that is closer to you. Just would suck to have to pay shipping then again it would be the cost of a letter because only the SD card would be needed. But for a job that would take but a few minutes and mouse clicks to do…

Maybe FlightAware should do like Raspberry Pi does with it’s Noobs SD and make available a pre loaded SD card for a nominal fee of course. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the replies. Awesome that you guys would offer to help out. I think I will give the image idea a try first. And the send you an SD card second. Both great ideas. And the point that it needs to connect in my area. I’m just North of Dallas. So, there’s probably plenty of users close by. If I can ever return the favor you’ve offered and you’re in the area, I’d be glad to take you up for a plane ride and let you see ADS-B from the “other” side. I recently upgraded my Garmin GTX330 transponder to GTX330ES and Foreflight on an iPad shows a lot more traffic.

What kind of plane? I’ll be in the Dallas area early next year. 8)

Worst case scenario, depending how far outside of Dallas you are, I may be able to swing up there one day while I’m in town and get it set up for you.

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I’ll PM my contact information

Very nice, we’ve got practically the same aircraft in our club, PA32R-300 (Cherokee Lance 1976 model).

Maybe while I’m in Dallas, I can swing up there and take a look at it! I’ve got your contact info.