Pi B vs Pi 3 ?


Is there a big advantage to running a Pi 3 vs a B? Will FlightAware 3.1 run on a B? I am also running VRS (on a separate server), so does that put a load on it?

The reason for the question is I want to keep my stats at FlightAware.com on the MAC address of the Pi B, if I change to the Pi 3 I will need to spoof MAC address to do that, Right?

Thanks guy for your help.


A 1B will probably be OK, you may run short on CPU with mlat enabled if you are in a busy area or want to run anything else on the Pi.
A 2B will be fine.


I have Pi B, Pi2, and OrangePi PC, all running ADSB+FA mlat

The Pi B cpu runs at 70% to 90% usage.
The Pi 2 cpu runs at about 35% usage.
The Orange Pi PC cpu runs at about 30% usage.

The Pi B antenna is not at optimum location, while Pi2 and OrangePiPC have their antennas at optimum location.

Also the Pi B has generic DVB-T (black), while Pi2 and OPi have ProStick (orange)+FA Filter.

As a result the Pi B processes and outputs about 50% of the planes processed by other two Pis.


It’s very easy to spoof the MAC address. Edit cmdline.txt in the /boot directory. be aware this must be a single line file… no line breaks.