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Pi and DVB-T receiver

Despite configuring the Pi Zero WH unit to enable Multilateration I am getting an error message on PiWare 3.8.1 telling me it is not enabled? Any words of wisdom? I am using a Andoer® Mini Portable Digital USB 2.0 TV Stick DVB-T + DAB + FM RTL2832U + FC0012 Support SDR Tuner Receiver.

These tuners are unfortunately not suitable for receiving ADS-B; they cannot tune to 1090MHz.

You need a R820T or R820T2 tuner.

Thank you. Having looked more carefully at my order from Amazon I did request a ADSB receiver, and indeed I ordered one. Unfortunately what arrived was not quite that same thing. Thanks for you help. correct receiver is now on order and DVT receiver is being returned