Photos of King Air C-90B off runway in Brazil . . .


PT-PAC King Air C-90B September 3/08 Congonhas Airport (CGH), Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Photos and ASN accident report.


Wow, good thing they were in a turbo-prop. If it had been a jet there would be no chance of survivors.


Ok, now I’m curious. Please explain your logic as to why there wouldn’t be any survivors if this had been a jet.


My guess would be higher speeds… would have ended up on that road, probably in a ball of fire.


It looked to me like the props dug into that retaining wall at the right moment. They weren’t going fast enough to flip.


As this is the same runway the FlightAware Thread TAM A320 recently went off.

Click Here for Congonhas Airport Profile.

Click Here this Citation actually went off in a similar fashion, it was written off, but everyone was okay.

Click Here however this Citation didn’t fare so well, the persons on board survived, but the aircraft did catch fire and burn.

Click Here full list of accidents at Congonhas Airport.


Will I have enough room in my broswer cache for this one? :unamused: