Photo Upload System Unstable 5/10/09

The photo upload system is flaking out a bit tonight.

When uploading multiple photos, some make it, others disappear.

Upload script says “thumbnail created” but the thumbnail doesn’t appear to the right.

Several times tonight the thumbnail page for my own photos has appeared correctly, but clicking on any photo returned a red-x place holder.

Several uploads have failed completely - After uploading an image 2-3 times it never appears as a thumbnail or in any other form.

Now, when I click on the page to display all of my own photos, it displays a full page of blanks, with red-x’s where the photos should be.

It’s still happening today, off & on. I get this result on 2 different computers about 60% of the time for the last 12-15 hours.

Try clearing your cache. Your photo page show up fine for me.

I’m unable to reproduce, may be an issue with your browser. Try another browser?

Like Mark I’m unable to duplicate your problem in FireFox, IE or Safari.

What OS and browser are you using?

I’ve experienced it on 2 completely different systems, OS’s and providers, and from 2 locations (in other words not from the same IP address).

Windows Vista Ultimate
IE 8.0.6001
Connecting via Comcast Cable residential service

Windows Vista Home Premium
IE 8.0.6001
Connecting via T-mobile wireless connect while on the road

The common denominator is that every time I get receive the error - there is a Delta Skymiles banner ad at the top of the page. When other banner ads appear, there is no problem.

Looks fine to me, must be you. Try CCleaner.