photo menus are http secured/


Just an observation not a complaint, but when I look at the new photos, each page of thumbnails is transferred via htttps as opposed to http. Is that by design?


Is that why I get an annoying message coming up on the photo page “Internet Explorer blocked this website from displaying content with security certificate errors” and how can I get rid of the message?


Is it the page that’s https or the images? Can you paste an example URL and the context of how you got there? Thanks!


Oh if this isn’t a case of “ops check normal”! I just went to try and screenshot it and as I did it was normal unsecured http.

It would occur on the thumbnail page of photos. When I view photos I usually go to the aviation photos link tab on the left, then choose newest photos. From there it takes me to a thumbnail photo page. Initially I received the windows message regarding the info being sent secured. In the url bar it would then show flightaware…etc . Obviously nothing went wrong, but I know that https takes up a little more bandwidth so it’s undesirable to use when not required.
Of course now, when I try to duplicate it, it’s operating without it. If it reoccurs I’ll post here.


Sorry Daniel, I couldn’t get the image to post directly to this post, but I just had it go secured again.