Phillipine Airlines to Sao Paulo via Where?

Reports have been said that Phillipine Airlines is close to starting service to Sao Paulo soon. That is great news. No news as to which what aircraft will be used. But it will not be direct. They will have to make a stop. Some assumptions are that the stops, if the go west bound, will be one of the following:

Abu Dhabi or Dubai, UAE
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Cape Town or Johannesburg, South Africa

If they go east bound, the assumptions are:
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Mexico City

Where do you think the airline would stop at before going to Sao Paulo? Or is there another destination in mind? And what aircraft would most likely operate to Sao Paulo?

The PAL website states this: “…12 new destinations – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), May 2; Darwin, Brisbane and Perth (Australia), June 1; Guangzhou (China), June 2; Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), October 1; Doha (Qatar) November 1; Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam (Saudi Arabia), December 1; Dubai (United Arab Emirates), November 1 and Basco, Batanes on May 1 (the last two to be operated by PAL Express).”

So it may be a rumor that Sao Paulo is to be added. If it is added, it wouldn’t surprise that it would be a fake route, i.e. a codeshare with another airline.

If PAL does fly to Sao Paulo, Mexico City would be out because of its altitude. The flight back to Manila would require another stop or reduced load. Even LAX and SFO to MNL are not nonstop flights going westbound.

Even LAX and SFO to MNL are not nonstop flights going westbound. … /KLAX/RPLL

Flight PR0113
BOTH of the LAX to MNL flights by PAL are SCHEDULED for a stop in Guam.  Go to [onlinebooking.philippineairline ...](, enter Los Angeles for departure, Manila for arrival, and pick a date.  You'll see all flights from LAX to MNL are one stops.  Click on the flight number for details of the flight.

The GUM stop is always made which just means the flight gets into MNL earlier than scheduled.