Philadelphia Flyers Tail

Anyone have a tail number for either their plane or their charter(s)? Thanks.

Got that for you right here…

Northwest Airlines #9928


I bleed Orange and Black!!

How far back do you go with them…Back to the Bill Barber, Bernie Parent, Bobby Clarke days. Those were some great teams. Thats when hockey was hockey my friend. Remember that goon Dave Shultz. I hate the Flyers, but I grew up a Rangers fan so nuff said.

That is respectable…being a Rangers Fan. As for my time back…I was a young buck back when those guys were on the ice but I have seen some of the old games on NHL network. I go back to the Rick Tochhet, Craig Berube, Ron Hextall…Lindross, Legion of Doom… It is just a VERY FUN game to watch IMHO.

Thanks everybody. Glad to know there are a few other Flyers fans aboard here. I’m from the Sinasalo, Brown, Propp, Kerr era…no matter when you grew up…it’s good to be Orange and Black.

As per the ritual I must ask the following question…

The NHL still exists in the USA???

Flyers suck. especially after that dang 6-5 come from behind win over my canes :unamused: