Phantom Fix


Take a look at the route for Options 704 the other day:

The “PIH330004” fix is unusual. According to the tower chief, who had worked the flight, and still had the strip, that fix was not part of the clearance, and it was not part of the flight plan, either. So where did it come from?


PIH = Pocatello VOR
330 = radial
004 = distance from VOR



Dang boy, you smart! You a pilot or sumthin’?


Naw, just act like one :wink:


The route was amended from MLD…DTA…LAS…HEC.RIIVR2 to PIH330004…MLD…DTA…LAS…HEC.RIIVR2 by Salt Lake Center as the aircraft climbed through 10,000 ft.


Really? They were well past PIH330004 by the time they reached 10K, ie, the route was amended after it was flown? Weird.