Pfizer Jet's


Well, it seems that in the last few hours, Pfizer has completely block all of their aircraft. 83CP (GV) and 201CP & 202CP (E135) have not been blocked, but for some reason, Pfizer has needed to block these aircraft. This is a real upset to me personally because I love to see the ocassional visit to KSUS, although it does not happen often anymore. 4CP (GV), 77CP (GV), and their Sikorsky’s have been blocked for a few years, but now it seems all of them are now. So sad the competition gets in the way of real enthusiests.


Yeah, I agree with you. An unfortunate fact of life is that most Fortune 500 companies (the ones that would be most interesting to follow) have blocked their aircraft. Nike’s N1KE is a recent example.

It’s done not only to prevent competition from knowing your business activities, but also for security protection against the world’s crazies (kidnappers, terrorists, personal grudge-holders, ex-mistresses, paparazzi, etc.).

Any corporate security manager will talk to you all day about an ounce of prevention.