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Persistent flight in live data

I’ve recently set up a PiAware (v1.20) and it seems to mostly be working well. I’m curious if anyone else sees a single flight that constantly shows up in the list, even though the flight first showed up a couple of days ago? The ICAO, flight, squawk, altitude, speed, track and msgs data are always constant and the ‘last seen’ is always ‘0’.
In my case this is flight QFA1, departing Sydney (YSSY).

That sounds like a symptom of the webmap in stock dump1090, where if the browser is suspended for >300 seconds for any reason (e.g. it’s a laptop and you closed the lid for a while) then any flights that were listed at that point get stuck and will never expire. Refreshing the map should fix it.

Thanks, that seems to be the issue I’m seeing. I needed to close the browser tab and open another though. Using the ‘Reset Map’ option didn’t clear it.