Persian TU-154M loses control landing in heavy fog . .

A Russian registered TU-154M operated by Persian carrier Taban Air - while landing at Mashhad, Iran - apparently the aircraft was in a holding pattern as visibility was less than 600 feet.

A passenger became gravely ill, and the crew decided to land, however the aircraft went off the side of the runway breaking off its tail and catching fire.

No fatalities however Iranian news reporting 46 persons injured.

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That thing is toast! At least there were no deaths.

If you can land a plane like that, I guess you’re just careless. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Bad decision by the crew…

Agreed, one life is never worth 100+.

Also I found it comical that the news report found a way to blame this on the U.S.

But of course, we are the infidels. :open_mouth:

I wouldn’t say never, depends on who the one is.

That was a Reuters newsclip, not Al Jazeera, and what they said was accurate. We won’t sell any aircraft parts to Iran and they are forced to use Russian airliners to make up for their broken Boeings, MDs, etc.

Has nothing whatsoever to do with our being “infidels”.

Sorry, that was weak sarcasm on my part. I know what they are saying is accurate about no parts, but I agreed about the insinuation that the crash was our fault because of the lack of said parts.

Gotcha. I just don’t read it as an attempt to cast blame, merely an explanation of why they’re forced to fly whistling tubes of death. :wink:

Of course the fact that Airbus (EADS) won’t sell them parts either is notable for its absence.

And along those lines…Thier Tomcats are hurting for parts…

Yep, them Turkeys are pretty much neutered. :slight_smile:

Now theres a slang I havent heard in a few yrs…referring the tomcat to a turkey. :smiley:

That is also the point I was trying to make. In my opinion, the article made it sound like the US was “picking” on Iran, and not selling them parts.

News video in Farsi, but video speaks for itself.

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Can ya URL your video? :slight_smile:

Come on, Will - your smart enough to recognize that her URL is all there - it’s just not clickable. Just copy the address into the address field.

Thanks Rob.

Sorry I’m so stupid dami.