Performance Tables


I’m inputting the performance data from my aircraft and just want to confirm something. The columns are layed out at 10 degrees below Standard Temp, Standard Temp and 20 degrees above Standard Temp. Every POH I’ve seen has a column for 20 degrees below Standard Temp not 10 degrees below. Is this a typo?


Have you thought about calling the manufacturer instead of asking the question here? :laughing:


I didn’t make myself clear enough…my POH has columns for -20, Standard Temp, and +20. The performance tables in FlightAware’s flight planning software (FlightAware > Flight Planning > Performance Profiles) has columns for -10, Standard Temp and +20. Is FlightAware’s -10 below Standard Temp column a typo? Shouldn’t it be -20?


I’ve seen both so I guess interpolate would be the best answer.