Percentage of Americans who have flown once?

Since in relation to my question about the percentage of the world population who have flown once in their lifetilems in an airplan of any type, there are continual contributions suggesting varied numbers of Americans who have flown, I thought I would ask the question in its own topic entry.

How could I find out (I assume it would be a survey of the national population) how many of the 300,000,000 people who live in America have flown once in an aeroplane in their lives. They could be immigrants, they could be citizens, but they live in America and have flown once.

Guesses on the other topic have ranged from 25% to 80%. Can anyone point me to survey or the data that would tell me? Maybe they even asked once on the census.


Could you please clarify what you mean by “once”? Do you mean those who have only flown one time in their lives, or do you mean those who have flown at least one time in their lives and may have flown many times?

The latter is what he means. In other words, someone who has flown one or more times before dying.

As stated in the other thread, I looked for such data and found none. I don’t think anything has changed since??? The only thing now you are adding is immigrants.

I doubt you will find any such data available.

Those who have flown many times have also flown once. I am interested in those who have flown once in their lives, as opposed to the other group, those who have not, never flown in an aeroplane in their lives.

So to try to be clear, you would ask “Have you flown in an aeroplane?” and I am interested in those who answer “yes”. but by the same token I am also interested in those who answer “no”. In the end, I would like to compare those American residents or citizens who have flown at least once to compare it with the percentage of people globally or in Europe or wherever else I can get reliable data.

Thanks for the help.

No Lieberma, you haven’t quite read carefully or I still have not been clear. Now I am interested in Americans who have flown once, and before (and still) I focussed on global percentages.

There must be someone, at some time, who wondered about the percentage of Americans who have flown. And had the money to ask a selected sample. Maybe not.

My response was very clear in the original thread, or so I thought… … 5890#65890 should answer your question in this thread very clearly and very concisely. Only thing new you added in this thread was immigrants.

ok gorse, im just guessing

Actually I have nothing against guesses, but it’s hard to call a guess a good piece of data. I am really keen to find out the answer as I am sure someone has done a sample survey of the USA and added the question. I just can’t find it.

Maybe the airlines did one.

What do you intend to do with this information?

I would like to compare it with various other pieces of information I am trying to gather and try to figure out if loads of people on earth have flown or not very many. That is, whether it is a mode of transport that is open to and used by all or by few or by whatever number.

For example, the other day I read an unfootnoted statement in a book called the Discovery Of France, a very good book. It said that 86%of French people have never flown in an aeroplane. I have written the author to find out where he got this information.

Can you help me find out how many USAians have actually flown in an aeroplane. My guess is that it would be the highest percentage of any country on earth. But how high? And how much higher?

Be glad to help you if I knew what USAians were?

Gorse speak for Americans.

AmericansU.S. to be more precise…


aadude? or his twin :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Couldn’t be AAdude, he quoted a textbook. AAdude would never look there.

If you guys are guessing that I might be someone else, You have the wrong idea. I got to this forum simply because I might find some one who knows how to find some simple information. I had failed to find it on my own.

I just want to know what percentage of humanity, or of US residents or French residents etc have flown once in their lives. That’s it. It is a waste of time and energy to guess if I might be someone else than a guy who just joined to find this out.

Your missing the point. He was inferring a correlation between you and another person who tends to use the message board for homework. If it’s a waste of time or not, our prerogative. I’m sure time spent on a message board asking for the answer instead of time spent researching it could also be considered a waste of time and energy.

My guess? A bunch. Your looking for a number which for all intents and purposes has no real quantification. Commonly quoted is some 80% of American’s have flown. Great. So you know 80% of America. Very few other countries will bother to have kept track. Go to a few nations travel bureaus and ask if they kept statistics.