Pease Intl (KPSM)???

Do any members have any connection to Pease at Portsmouth NH?

Just curious since I’m a new member and want to find some friends with a common bond…

I’m in your neighboring state about 3 hours away… I’ll be your friend haha…

Welcome to FlightAware! Unfortunately, I live nowhere near you.

The only connection I have to Pease is that I used to drive by it all the time going to visit my eldest when she was attending UNH and my son calls in there occasionally with the Pistachio.

Welcome to FA!

I have done much, much flying at KPSM What do you want to know? It’s a huge runway and not a whole hell of a lot going on.

Former Air Force base.

HaHA!!! I was wondering who was driving all those Catfishes in and out! AvantAir actually seems to be pretty active at PSM lately. Figured out who your son was after some brief research :wink:

Thanks for the welcome JHEM! :smiley:

Less than 3 hours as the-crow-flies! :wink:

I responded to your post in another thread: … 4071#74071

Thanks for the welcome!

What “Pease Era” were you there? SAC base, Business Express, Pan Am III, Allegiant, Skybus, current Pilatus operation? We may have crossed paths at some point.

For the record I’m an owner/operator based at Pease and like you said “not a whole hell of a lot going on” there lately… so thought “virtual” hangar flying with you guys might suffice for now. (Of course, the whole “virtual” dating thing turned out a little sketchy now that I think of it… :frowning: )