Passport checks


On my last flight from the UK to Germany, we were driven by bus from the plane to the terminal and then directly herded to baggage reclaim, without having our passports checked by border control.

This has never happened before, so I wonder if the border police can decide they do need to check, or has someone, maybe ground staff, messed up, there were several busses arriving at the same time.


nothing new, I already flew from Portugal to Germany but with one stop at bristol for 2 hours and also no one controlled me

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As far as I am aware UK has not done exit passport checks for a long time. Certainly, I travel on an almost weekly basis between UK and various destinations, and I’ve never had my passport checked when exiting the UK by air, only when entering the UK. Schengen borders (and indeed most other country borders) do exit checks, but not the UK.


On second reading, it sounds like you are talking about your arrival in Germany. It’s highly unusual for a flight from the UK to Germany to have no check on arrival in Germany. It’s the border of the Schengen area and is required by law. Sounds like someone took you to the wrong arrivals entry point.


Yes, I was talking about arrival in Germany, and thanks for confirming my suspicion that they are required by law.


Every time I leave Edinburgh my passport is checked and a security sticker is placed on the back.


A lot of countries in Europe don’t check passports on arrival.
The reason being is that european airports have the same standards (EASA).

In the regulations it is acceptable no to check passports of passengers that have been on a flight from another
EU country.

On departure however, it will always be checked.