Passengers in the Philippines being Cheated


Open Letter,
The “Fees and Taxes” that Airlines & Terminals in the Philippines are charging are becoming so high that we will not longer take trips by air for pleasure in the Philippines. They are part of a conscious choice between Airline businesses and the “Government” of the Philippines to over regulate and over charge the traveling Public. I refuse to pay for that scam to raise revenue by misrepresenting Fares for your Flights. A Flight advertised as a 1 Peso Fare, actually costs MORE than 1,300 Pesos when it comes time to pay. The Carriers even charge 240 Pesos per person JUST to use YOUR website, this is NOT Acceptable!!
I have two more flights scheduled on CebuPacific airline as well as one on PAL. I will NOT be taking those flights as the SCAM of charging us just to use a Government built and funded Terminal has become objectionable to us! I have posted this open letter to all the Airlines flying into and out of the Philippine area. As well as all major Travel and Tourism Websites.

Stop CHEATING the Public!

Art and Ana

Metro Manila, PI