Passenger, F.A.A. Taxation agreements BY entity EU


On February 27, 2015 the citizen of the entity European Union purchased the air ticket for the Norwegian air shuttle flight (see registration state or the entity registration at the U…S. F.A.A. records).
On May 10, 2015 the passenger faced with the question “what is the number of your credit card, you had paid with” for the ticket, which number was not produced in the ticket, by Norwegian air shuttle [nr. Sverige 502067-2464] from the unidentified registration computer, called as “self checked kios” in the floor of Terminal 5 of Arlanda airport of Sweden. The computer did not issue the boarding pass. The woman of illegal entity “Aviator” of Sweden, which had to serve the passengers at Arlanda of Swden, issued the boarding pass.
The Norwegian air shuttle delayed their flight due to a lack of qualifications of their manager general in the civil aviation, at gate number 13.
The registratin agent of the gate 13 took the boarding pass, refused to return it.
The passenger was stopped by airport worker at the gate 13 of the aircraft.
The worker told “the doors are closed” in the time, when the doors were opened.
The passenger left the treminal 5, without talking to anyone.
On May 11, 2015 the passenger left Arlanda by the (charter carrier) SAS.
Such above events are deemed “denied boarding” by the regulations of the entity European Union.
On April 3, 2015 it was appeared, the Swidesh customers court issued the decision in the favour of the passenger in the dispute case, where the Norwegian air shuttle lost the case.
Till November 26, 2016 the debtor Norwegian air shuttle refused to pay a debt of about 2900 Swedish koroner.
On November 26, 2016 the debtor initiateed the claim of about 25 pages total to the closest court in Sweden, without asking to check the tax system of entity EU or Sweden for the identification of the valid ticketing. [ long story of evidences, hearings, thousands of useless words by judges, their useless questions ]
Finally, on March 3, 2018 the passenger was replied by Swedesh post by unknown worker of the Supreme court of Sweden, which issued the attached signed pre-final document in the Swedish and English languages.
The attached document is a true copy of the document of the Supreme court of Sweden, with the exception - the full names are excluded.

Questions towards the civil aviation professionals:

  1. Do you fairly believe that the attached decision (2 pages) have the facts of the denied boarding?
  2. Do you fairly believe that the attached decision (2 pages) have the grounds?
  3. Can you identify the citizenship of the judge and the citizenship of the assistant?
  4. Can you identify the ticket number of the Norwegian air shuttle?
  5. Can you identify the level of the debt for the breach of the intl rules of the civil avation and the consequences for such breach on the grounds?
  6. How long the entity European Union will last without the F.A.A. misunderstanding regarding
    the identification of the “Norwegian air shuttle” carrier in the taxation sytem of the U.S.-:
    option : the Swedish carrier
    option: the carrier of the entity Europen Union?
  7. Which entity is responsible for U.S. air traffic rights and the border control at the Sweden - the Kingdom of Sweden or the entity European Union for the U.S. citizens?
  8. What is the easiest and quieckest way to return the public debt - the grounds or to leave the entity unvaried?

Possible grounds of the questions: Amendment XVI to the U.S. Constitution, expl, the Munich sec conference, 2018.

Thank you, civil aviation professionals.