Just saying that integrating the app with iOS 6 passbook function would be benifital to many users because it would allow for gate/terminal changes and delay alerts.

We offer push alerts for all events (flight changes, departures, diversions, etc) in our iOS app - I’m not sure how passbook would be relevant.

To expand on what Mark said, Passbook is designed for things like boarding passes, event tickets, coupons, store cards, etc… ( … ssbook.pdf). We looked into it, but none of these formats are really relevant to displaying this information to a user.

I can see a problem with setting up app support for IOS 6. Lets call IOS 6 level N. If you release it for level N, what about those who remain at level N-1? When level N+1 comes out, do you continue support for level N? Remember Micro$oft 3.1 and Windows 95? Should Flightware saddle itself with supporting all platforms at all levels?