Parting out the Concorde


I’m curious if the remaining Concordes (if not sent to aviation museums) were ever parted out.

If not, I am also curious how a Kansas City homeowner has the “tilting” nose inside of a glass display case in the backyard of their posh house.
Can anyone in KC perhaps shed some light on this piece? Located on the east side of Ward Parkway, roughly 58th street.




i’ll work on it. don’t want to trudge into their backyard, but it is viewable from the road.

edit - just found this info from USA Today. will continue to investigate.


actually, Air France parted, long time ago, one of its Concorde a/c

the miscellaneous spares, displayed in museums worldwide, come from several auctions sales in France and England, out of maker’s spare parts and AF/BA workshop inventory


The Ultimate Concorde Website

If you can’t find what your looking for, put a post in their forum.


Probably got it off this plane.


no, they didn’t. that got hit by a truck. The other garbage in the article is typical sensationalism.


I remember there was an auction for it. It was on the news when I lived in France.
I also remember the last flight and the seats were auctioned off on ebay.