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Part 91 private pilots wearing epaulettes .


I think we’re talking 172 drivers, not lear drivers


I’m not a A/C owner or pilot so my opion probably makes little difference but I’m at least entitled to opine.

Epaulettes - if you want to wear T-shirts and your SIC wants to wear a full uniform or just epaulettes and this bothers you, either you have inadequacy issues to deal with or you should be proactive and one-up him on your terms. Get yourself a black and a yellow marking pen and draw Captain’s epaulettes on your T-shirt. You could also draw pilots wings on the front. Don’t let your resentment affect your piloting judgement.

JT - he does have captain qualifications on the Citation 1, Citation 2, Learjet 24, Hawker 1A, Vampire Jet and Tebuan so there’s little question that he knows what he’s doing. True, he has only SIC privaliges on the 707 but that, in no way says that he doesn’t do takeoffs, landings and the navigation and flying in between. If your main complaint is his use of the phrase “I flew…” or that he wears a Captain’s uniform, I doubt that anyone could show that he didn’t do the flying himself, whether it was from the left seat or the right seat, while wearing a uniform indicating rank he legally earned. At any rate, it’s his aircraft and he can do anything he wishes with or in it. He hasn’t broken any rules, regulations or laws.


I’ll bet my last $2 that he is on the Flt deck for Take-off and landing and spends the rest of the time in the back.
I flew Robert Pittman last summer, he owns a Falcon 900 and flies it, but only for take-off and landing :slight_smile:


I found a 5-strip epaulette if you are interested
pilotshop.com/egolets-stripe … th=118_292


I personally don’t mind one way or the other. It just means that they are proud to be flying and that of course is a good thing!


The 3 & 4 stripes date back to the 1950’s when the airlines were in competition with ocean liners. They wanted to present an airliner as being the flying equivalent. These days even most commercial pilots may not even be aware of that.

Two stripes was the flight engineer / navigator back in the days when they had them. These days there is so little need of that its usually another non-captain ATP filling in. Consequently the two stripes rank now goes to the person in charge of the passenger cabin - a non pilot position. Anyone else on the flight crew could wear the uniform with one stripe if they wanted to, and I have on occasion seen male stewards do that.

But as has been said - these are costumes, not uniforms. You could wear admirals rank on your pilot shirt if you wanted to.