PanAm returning to service

Well, this blew me over like a feather when I read it. I haven’t seen any discussion of this venture anywhere, including these forums, until someone sent me the web links below about PanAm starting service out of Brownsville TX:

When Pan Am went bankrupt in 1991, the trademark (name) was sold as part of its assets. The name has been resurrected four times before - this being the fifth. It is not the same airline - just someone starting an airline and calling it Pan Am. … Bankruptcy

That was part of what tipped me over … that someone is going to try for yet another resurrection. Some ventures should just be left to die a calm, peaceful … and permanent … death.

A name is a name is a name- they want to run 737-200 to mexico, I’m sure it’ll workout well for whom ever invests. :open_mouth:

And it will/would be a Mexican company since the PanAm name is still owned by the Maine Central Railroad.

I give it a 10% chance of ever making it off the ground - even though it is just a marketing carrier and they have no intent of acquiring aircraft of their own or an operating certificate.