Pakistan international airlines to quit JFK and ORD?


Hi to all

Is PIA dropping out New York and Chicago service by end of March 2011?

I have been hearing rumors about this.

Can someone please conform this that if this is true or not?

If this does happen wont this be a big disaster for Pakistan international airline. I really think PIA is actually doing good in the USA, serving destinations to Toronto, New York and Chicago


Just curious - do you think people will read your posts more if they are in separate postings rather than something like “Airline News: Pakistan International”?

To answer your question with a question: Why do you think PIA is doing good in New York and Chicago (by the way, Toronto is not one of the USA destinations of Pakistan).


Sorry my bad should of mentioned Canada :blush:


Just looked at Pakistan international airline timetable, shows me that they will end JFK service on 11 march 2011

Cant believe this is happening :frowning: