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Pakistan Air Force G450 Reg J-756

Sorry for posting a competitors snapshot - But I couldn’t find the same flight on Flightaware.

I’m surprised to be seeing this.
When our own C-17’s and stray C-5’s fly high routes over my house, I never see them on Flightaware. Maybe this was just a ‘pleasure’ vacation/trip?
For OPSEC, I’d have though this would stay BLOCKED.

Huh…Went to check a little over an hour later and it’s GONE. Can’t locate it. BUT…if you filter search down to either PAAF or Reg J-756, FR24 offers a NEW flight seen here. Could the original flight have pulled a u-turn THAT quickly to pick-up/drop-off and take off again? The original screenshot shows no sign of decent and it’s already PAST this next originating point.