Pacific Northwest flood


Pacific Northwest flood. Airport most underwater is probably Chehalis KCLS which is right along I-5… currently under 10’ of water.


They have couple CJ2’s and a PC-12 based there. The CJ’s are elsewhere, not sure the status of th PC-12.


That is so terrible. I don’t quite understand the pic though - is the reddish light color the water & the dark area that most of the aircraft are setting on - is that ground??? :cry:


Yes, here’s a clearer shot:


Well thank God for that high patch/area of ground - that is a true blessing for those aircraft owners & I’m sure they are thankful also.

I have a friend that had 2 aircraft in hangars here in OKC/KPWA when a tornado went through & blew a lot of stuff away & damaged lots of hangars & aircraft & his was in the middle of those & was not touched. This same pilot aircraft owner just survived a deadly form of cancer after a year of treatment at MD Anderson & got a clean bill on 12-4-07 - the cancer is all gone - it was in his throat & was going all over - he almost died (he is a litigating attorney).

He is back to flying right seat & doesn’t have his medical back yet - but we almost lost him in the battle. He owns a PC-12 & a Bonz & I’m so thankful God spared him once again - he has been blessed much in times of hardship/trouble. :smiley:


There were obviously moved to that higher ground on the airports property in looking at the way they are parked. Who would have done this, individual owners, or airport personal?


Probably airport personnel - with a tug - unless it just happens to be a highler plot of ground!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


unless it just happens to be a highler plot of ground!!!

Its not coincidence that they are on higher ground. Look at the spacing. They were towed there, as you stated in your last post flygirljc. Thanks for answering :slight_smile: