P34 airport info

sorry…i am new to flight aware… and I was wondering if there is anyway to get info on the airport P34.

Not exactly one of your busier airports averaging 48 flights a week :slight_smile:

KRVL - Mifflin County Airport (11 nm NW)
02P - Stottle Memorial Heliport (14 nm SW)
KUNV - University Park Airport (25 nm NW)
N96 - Bellefonte Airport (25 nm NW)
N94 - Carlisle Airport (27 nm SE)

Above taken from airnav.com/airport/P34

Until the folks at Flight Aware take action on your question, you may want to look at the above airports.


i know what you mean…but it’s my airport so i thought it would be cool. I thought I would say something. Thanks