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He chartered this EMB Legacy 135 to go to play in STL tonight. Does he live in Chicago?

Who is the “Ozzy” you’re referring to? The Oz Man?


Ozzy lives in Los Angeles.

With Sharon and the dogs!

I thought he lived in Los Angeles, he must have a show in Chicago tonight cause he was on that flight.

no show in chicago tonight ozzy.com/us/tour

After playing MSP on the 12th, he could have flown to Chicago to hang out before heading to STL on the day of the show. They will do stuff like this a lot during the tour.

Possibly flying home after tonights show in SA?

flightaware.com/live/flight/OPT9 … /KSAT/KBUR

Next show, Phoenix, Jan 26

I thought he rides the Crazy Train to all his gigs!

I think I heard somewhere that he has some kind of home in the Chicago area. Maybe it is home base for the tour.