Oxygen masks and infants on CRJ?

Earlier this week, my sister-in-law was on an Air Wisconsin CRJ-200, DAY-PHL. She reports that, before takeoff, the flight attendant moved a mother and infant from the left side of the plane to the same row on the right side, saying it had something to do with oxygen masks.

Does this make sense? Could the masks be different? Or maybe there is an extra mask on the right side?


  • Earl

As far as I know it’s standard for CRJs to have an extra oxygen mask on the right side of the plane. GECAS mentions it in their CRJ200and CRJ700specs.

mduell is correct. when traveling with an infant in arms you have to be on the C D seats on the crj…when the infant remarks are in your reservation our computer won’t allow you to book A B seats

Is this common for other aircraft types as well (“extra” masks for infants)?

During the safety briefing for one of my last flights, during the “place your own mask before assisting others” part, it occurred to me that our flight was nearly full, and that the baby in the seat in front of me would end up maskless.

Not sure that would be a dangerous situation (especially when compared to the other bad things that could happen to an unrestrained infant!), but I can imagine the hysteria if someone’s kid ended up without a mask should they deploy.

This thread on FlyerTalk has more information on extra oxygen masks (and other issues related to infant travel) on various types of aircraft.

The three types of embraers that AA/AE fly all have extra infant oxygen masks/life vests on the right side of the aircraft. You also can’t sit near the exit row, and worst comes to worst, there are extra lifevests in the closets.

I recall the CRJ’s for OH being the right side as well, but last I heard they had fixed the planes so either side would work.