Overclocking Raspberry Pi B+


I’m very new to the Raspberry Pi B+. I notice if I use the web based Dump 1090 Display while running PIAware that I’m using about 85% of the CPU cycles.

Anybody have experience with the B+ and overclocking? Any advantages? Any recommendations? I do have a very good power supply for my Pi. Thanks.


Not sure why dump1090’s eating so much CPU on your B+. I have my B+ overclocked to 800 Mhz and dump1090 uses 25% of CPU consisitently. You can easily bump it up to 800 Mhz using ‘sudo raspi-config’ and a reboot. See if that helps.


Load on mine with no viewing of the web server is: 0.63, 0.62, 0.63. If I’m watching the internal web interface, it’s closer to 1.00.

How’s the heat and reliability when overclocking?


With 800 Mhz you won’t see any downside at all. Google ‘overclock raspberry pi’ and you’ll see people running it at Turbo, but I wouldn’t do it.


Thanks, just did it. Load averages are better, but the most improvement was unexpectedly in WiFi latency. Prior, I was pinging the router from the Pi with ~150-160ms. Post-overclocking, its ~5ms. I guess an overclock should be standard operation.


I agree. I have two Pi’s and when I set them up I always expand the file system, overclock to 800 Mhz and enable SSHD.


The Raspberry Pi B+ that I recently purchased - manufacturered by RS Components Ltd UK - had a noted that included, in part:

“This product should not be overclocked as this may make certain components very hot.”

“This product should be operated in a well ventilated environment and should not be covered.”

Overclocking will cause additional current draw and heat dissipation which in turn may lessen its life. If you overclock and put it in a case - I’d be sure that the case provides adequate ventilation.


My non-overclocked B+s run dump1090 at <30% CPU. If you’re seeing >75%, something is wrong.

I’m not sure ping time is a reasonable measurement, but I’ve never seen over 1ms.


Interesting. I haven’t done anything about overlocking, and I get about 2ms pings - that’s from a computer connected via a wifi connection.


It’s all relative and I’m sure it’s different depending on which chip set the WiFi adapter has.

The Raspberry Pi folks officially support overclocking.


My point was it shouldn’t be necessary for dump1090/PiAware.


If you have connections to port 30003 (the SBS-format output) then stock dump1090 can actually take a lot of CPU just generating that output at higher message rates.
This pull request helps with that: github.com/MalcolmRobb/dump1090/pull/50


I saw sluggish, unreliable pings that were caused by the Wifi adapter constantly going into sleep mode.

The solution that worked for me is discussed here-> raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=61665


I already had that done prior to the overclock. The change in latency was completely unexpected, but it’s been consistently low post overclock.