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Outage alarm (dump1090-fa)

Hi all
Could you make up a monitor scrpit / cron to watch for dropped or down time
for any thing over say 5 minutes or 10 minutes
email 6 hours is not always good for me
output can be on main pc from a pi4
i should be able to set an audio buzzer to this as i monitor 24/7

There are several options already available.

I am using Monit. This little tool can monitor processes if they are running or not.
They can send an alert.
Usable for almost all services you have on your device.
Easy, proactive monitoring of processes, programs, files, directories, filesystems and hosts | Monit (mmonit.com)

Or you can create the shell script on your own, checking the existence of a PID file.
You can also restart the service if it’s not there

I have a smart plug that checks internet connectivity. It will reboot whatever is connected to it.

There are many power failure alarms available for about $10 at any hardware store.

Thankyou both foxhunter and ua549
for the info both valuable

I forgot to mention my crontab entries that check for stopped services. Make an entry for each service of concern using crontab -e.

Here is a sample entry that checks every 5 minutes.
5-55/5 * * * * sudo systemctl is-active fr24feed | grep -q “inactive” && sudo systemctl start fr24feed

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