Other parts of the world?



Love the site and I know its tracking in and around the US, and flights that are controlled for some part or all of their journey are the only ones covered here.

Living in the UK i have a particlar interest in the transatlantic flights, which of course are only tracked for roughly half their journey. Does anyone know if there is a similar website i can view to see other areas - Europe, Asia etc




Welcome to FA 47813. The short answer to your question is no, there are no other websites offering similar views of flight tracks in OZ, Asia, NZ, EU, etc.

There are a few airports around the world that offer a view of flight arrivals and departures in their immediate vicinity, but that’s it, sorry.

Are we also a train spotter?


where in the UK are you from? Im also from there. Holla!!! lol


Hi folks,

Yes i am very much interested in trains :smiley:

I live in North-West Scotland. Which is where i have become even more interested in planes. Before last year i lived in the north-west of England and within 30 miles of Manchester and on a good clear day, in the morning 8/9am you could dozens and dozens of aircraft going every which way. That is to be expected.

However moving here to this remote area i was suprised to see so many aircraft going over, all in the same general direction and most if not all were big beasts. My cousin said I would get transatlantic flights over here. There are always going North-West.

I saw the other day on the new Air Crash Investergation programme about Lockabie, a map of 6 transatlantic routes and 103 was on the Daventry Route. This was second most northerly of the six but was too far south for my house.
The top line looked a good bet.
Am I guessing right?




I’m not familiar but look into: SBS-1 Base Station.

Not a complete, nor web based solution but it works for the UK.


Welcome to FA 47183. The heavy iron you see is probably getting in line with the Nat tracks…correction here if needed. From the US to the EU there are daily routes plotted across the pond and flights are assigned to keep enroute space.


The SBS-1 Base Station, looks mighty fine but I was thinking it is not CAA Aproved. Isn’t this the classic case were its legal to own this hardware but illegal the second you use it?

Don’t want to fork out hundreds of pounds and find the local bobbies on me front door.

Interesting IADFXMD11HVY, your saying what I see is planes waiting their turn if you will; to get one of those few Atlantic Nat Tracks. So maybe a dozen or so are all heading that way from England, Ireland, Norway, Denmark etc and they’d all get bunched up so they fan out north and south.

Still my goal to identify one of those birds. Studied types of aircraft and got a few layman spots but never anything more. For I would need not only the type but the airline and a some maths to work out just where it had come from. Not that fussed about identifying the actully plane, that would be a bonus. One day…