I usually fly into OshKosh every year, but this next year my wife and I are thinking of staying at a hotel or college dorm. Any recommendations?


It depends how much you are willing to spend. Both fill up quick though.

Have you considered camping on the field?


We have camped on the field. Lots of fun!! We may do that again. If the rooms are $200 a night then I’m pulling out the air mattress. It’s great when it doesn’t rain!!


IIRC the dorm rooms were only $50 or so a night.

I’ll have to check on that though.


I stayed at the dorms at the U of W - Oshkosh for something like $45 a night back in '05. Shuttle service to/from the airport every morning and evening and breakfast available at the cafeteria.
Info Here:


Well, looks like my source has outed himself, but there’s the facts. :wink:


Thanks for the info. I will check out the dorms. Haven’t been in one in years!!