Orlando Airport Starbucks Dec.29 8am.


A Delta Airlines Pilot (very tall, slender, longish grey-blond hair, with a Southern accent, age 45-early 50s) started chatting with me at the creamer station. We spoke about the Philadelphia Eagles losing a game after a winter weather postponement. (I was traveling home to Philadelphia on AirTran). The moment was brief but very easy and relaxed.
Then I quickly left. I had been up since 3 am that morning and I guess my brain was not working in full throttle. I feel so badly as I believe had I not acted so foolishly, we would have had a lovely engaging chat that may have led to a friendship.
Since this encounter, I have been so distracted at work (I run a research center at an Ivy League Business School) and thought I would reach out in the hope that this man would read this post.
And if an airline crew member knows this gentleman , I would so appreciate it if he/she could pass this message on. I believe his flight would have left Orlando on Dec. 29th around 8:30- 9 am.
I was traveling with my mother, and that morning, wore my long brown hair up. I was also wearing a dark brown jacket. I am slender and in my mid 40s.
Any leads would be appreciated. I do hope one day to be in touch with this nice gentleman.
Thanks so much.


Try this Missed connections



Are you f’ing kidding me? “Then I left strangely…”?



I was about to come on here with a smart !#@ reply to the orig, in the vein of I saw you there you saw me , we exchanged looks blah blah…thinking that this was maybe a
"Hey the Starbucks at PHL has a great view of the ramp to watch operations."

my favorite part, “the creamer station” :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
haha what a life!


I thought she was trying to get on with her life. But then again I’m not much of a coffee drinker so maybe I missed something.


No I’m the one that missed something, I was too wrapped up in the “creamer station” that I must have skimmed over the wearing the hair up indicating that it is a she and not a he…I saw this one totally different the first time I read it :smiley:


Sure you were drinking only coffee??? :laughing:


Good luck! If it’s meant to be you’ll meet him again.


And THIS will be the last time she ever posts anything on Flight Aware Discussions.


WOW!! Someone has some interpersonal skill issues…
Glad I’m not crewing a plane with you.

& to ET2300…
hope you can find him and at least say what you want to say; if not… How about a tall slender Lear pilot, I make half as much money, have no retirement, love beer, guns and horses, act like I’m 12, etc… :wink: J/K :exclamation:

Good luck!


I’ll have you know my crew mates find me to be caring, compassionate, and a good listener. And I even like to snuggle during those long waits at the FBO!

And you’d LOVE to crew with me. My airplane is only a year old and has modern avionics! :wink:

Creamer station…that is funny…


You could also try www.airlinepilotforums.com, they have quite a few delta guys over there.