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Origin and destination on the airplane label

Hi, it is possible to show the origin and destination airport in the airplane label on the map view?
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Francesco - IN3XZP

Not with the current PiAware setup. You’ll need a database with all the flight routes in the world.
However, VRS (“Virtual Radar Server”) can make use of these databases: http://www.virtualradarserver.co.uk/FlightRoutes.aspx#database-files

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Agree with hbokh, VirtualRadar gives great readout on a map, user can choose what to show, how much or how little. I tend to choose only model code then a cluck on the aircraft shows more.

Also, configurable for desktop or mobile.

It is using your own data created by the PiAware setup.

Runs on PC and Linux.

Great program.


And on macOS, with Mono. Like I do. :innocent:
VRS connects (over WiFi) to the RPi running dump1090-fa and friends.

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Yes, I use mono on Linux, heard you can run mono on the Raspberry Pi too.