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Orange Pi PC freezes

It happens to me that my receiver stops working.
I update regularly. I cooling to 26 °. I have a 5V 3A power supply. The connectors are OK. He doesn’t move with anything and falls from time to time. Someone have any idea what the cause is.

system-localhost-temperature-8h dump1090-localhost-cpu-8h

I solved the issue with a 3300 uF capacitor soldered to the power connector on OPi mainboard.

Did you have the same problems? So it’s a poorly filtered source?

Random halt at random intervals - Days and weeks.

This happened with me. I tried another power supply unit, but no luck. Finally ordered Set5 (orangepipc+case+psu) for $23 + $5 shipping. If you want to utilize the current power supply and case, order only the Set 1 (board+ usb chord) for $16.5 + shipping $5.


I have Orange from this seller. Do you also think it freezes due to the source?

I noted that the links I have posted in my earlier post do not have purchase option.
Here are the links to the Aliexpress seller from which I have purchased Set5 (Shenzhen Xunlong Software Co).

I have noted that the shipping cost has now more than doubled (it was $5 last year when I purchased it, but now it is $11 for Set5 and $9 for Set1)



I have no clear idea why it was freezing.

I used a layman’s approach to solve the issue.
First replaced Power Supply Unit by a new one, but it did not help and freezes continued.
Next I replace the whole thing by purchasing Set5 (board+case+power supply) and threw the old freezing Set5 in trash.

@rugomol has taken a more technical and cost-saving step and solved the problem by soldering a 3300 uF capacitor to the power connector on OPi mainboard.

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