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Optimizing coverage

I’ve searched and found several posts about combing antenna’s, but they never cover what I need. So I’ll just try an new one.
I live in a flat near Schiphol airport, Netherlands. I have perfect line of sight to the NW, and on the other end of my appartment to the SE… I have no way to get my antenna high enough to get 360 degress. So… Is there a way to receive the SE signals, combine them with the NW signals and feed them into my flightaware stick?

It’s much better to just use 2 RPis and 2 SDRs.
1 RPi also works, but it might be easier to just use 2 RPis so you don’t need as much coax.

If you disable MLAT, you can feed the combined messages to FA.
Otherwise you feed to FA from both receivers separately and then only combine it for local viewing.

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Ok, in that case I’ll find the most signals direction of both, because money wise, i can not afford to just dupicate the raspberry and flightawar stick setup. A bit of coax would have been cheaper.

You’d also need a 2nd antenna.

It’s possible to try this with one of the simple SMA Y cables that are available.
Most certainly would reduce your range compared to a single antenna.

And good coax isn’t really cheap either.

I am having a similar situaton. getting a 270° view on my main receiver, but a kind of “blind” spot towards north-east
On the opposite of my flat i’ve setup a second receiver which covers that area.

I am using the script of @wiedehopf which gives me a localized combination view of both.
However you cannot upload it to the flight sites, you will always have this as two sites.

I have a similar 270 vs 90 situation :slight_smile: Talked to a radio amateur friend who told me he could put something together that would work… I’m very curious what. Keep you posted…

a 100 feet pole mounted in your backyard? :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


Price: US $7.98 :white_check_mark:

Frequency: 5 Mhz to 2.4 GHz :white_check_mark:

Insertion loss: 5 dB :x:

Isolation: 20 dB :white_check_mark:

Anyone having experience with panel antennas for 1090Mhz? It claims to have good gain which will help to focus on particular direction and then combine both signals will it be worth the effort?