Opponent of GA User Fees to be Secretary of Transportation


From Flying’s eNewsletter:

Obama’s Choice for Secretary of Transportation Lauded by GA Groups
Retiring Republican Illinois Representative Ray LaHood, a seven-term congressman and recognized opponent of general aviation user fees, has been nominated by President-elect Barack Obama as the next Secretary of Transportation. LaHood, also known in his home state as an advocate of local airport development, has been endorsed by the AOPA to be confirmed.

Personally, I like this choice.


The only thing I don’t like about him is the “local airport development” part, meaning more pork projects like Mid-America Airport. One I can envision is the Chicago-Peotone airport “project” and expansion of pointless programs like EAS over extending more fruitful ones like SCASD.


Hey, better than, closing airports, and ending funding to help smaller communities obtain service. one I can envision is the hack job project criminal act the demolition of Chicago Meigs. Could just as easily have an attitude like that in his place. I’ll take what you described any day