Operation Teacup


This sounds like a great way to show the public the value of general aviation:

Operation Teacup NEEDS You
8,000 Aircraft Owner VOLUNTEERS!
Hurricane GUSTAV / IKE Victims

If any of you pilots out there participate in this, how about giving a report to us on your participation"


FlightAware will donate free flight tracking to any pilot helping out! :laughing:


But will you charge $25 for the second leg? :laughing:


By far the strangest website I have come across in some time. Anybody even try navigating this beast??? Links from the left side…

FAQS??? teacup.scieron.com/#faq
Forms Download??? teacup.scieron.com/#relief

What got me the most from their press release teacup.scieron.com/#press

Operation Teacup is asking volunteer pilots, to make prior arrangements through local churches, to take a few evacuees, each, as houseguests, for a short period of time.

Pilots are responsible to make arrangements through local churches to take house guests??? Short period of time???

Lets swing over to the “join link”. Taken from teacup.scieron.com/join.htm

“At the time, I was promised a donation of $5,000,000 for fuel, which failed to materialize because, I am told, it was diverted by one of our politicians of national prominence.”

Do what??? donation 5 million in fuel diverted by politicians???

Am I missing something??? Any rate, I think I will pass on this “opportunity” as there are too many weird things going on just in the website…

I will be the first in line to volunteer for emergency situations to help out wherever and whenever…

With Grace Flight, I signed up for their Rapid Response team where if I get a call that I can get airborne in 2 hours or less no matter what time of the day. Surprisingly (and pleasantly surprised) that call never came but I did get an email notifying me that their “ground team” was activated and ready to deploy.


I would love to hear from other pilots who have flown for Operation Teacup. I have been in contact with them, and it sounds like they have done a lot since Katrina, but my confidence in getting involved would be higher if I could talk to some pilots about their experience.
I am ready to donate a week of time and my plane.



As I found out, one never knows who reads these forums :slight_smile:

I received a private email from another charitable organization seeking pilots. Below my name is the contents of the email (nothing sensitive was emailed to me, thus me posting it verbatim).

Other then looking at the website and a couple of email correspondences with the webmaster, this is the extent of my knowledge.

Reason I cannot participate is I am in MS, and the missions are to the Bahamas and at a 110 knots in my Sundowner, would take quite a bit of time.

Main reason for me posting this is that you indicate you are willing to give a week of time which would appear to me may meet the mission needs that I can’t afford to give. If I had a few more ponies in my plane that would have shorten the trip, I would have given this a try.

Webmaster fully understood my problems of meeting the mission needs and told me that a Cherokee pilot who flew a mission had to fly 900 feet AWL (above water level) to avoid headwinds during the water crossing.

You may find discussions.flightaware.com/view … 94&start=0 an interesting read on my concerns with Angel Flight and a satisfactory alternative (Grace Flight) given to me from another Flight Aware member that will give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside giving back to society a fortunate oppurtunity given to us.


I saw your post talking about Operation Teacup and the website.

I’d like to invite you to consider joining in our efforts at


I manage the website in my part time. My day job is selling aircraft. You can critic my website too and I won’t take it personally…as I don’t get to spend as much time on it as I’d like.

We’d love for you and your flying friends to join in our relief efforts. We have flights in October and November organized.

Please check it all out and let me know what you think.


Hi Allen

Thanks for the input. I have a Piper Cherokee 235, so I’ve got the horses and useful load, but I have no interest in leaving the FL coast behind me and heading out over open water. I don’t need that thrill. However, I do want to help in Louisianna and Texas. I sent Fred Quarles an email this afternoon (he is the contact/coordinator for Operation Teacup) expressing my concerns. If I end up going I’ll post results here.