open container law


It should be illegal for FBO vending machines to sell canned drinks rather than screw top drink containers. It would increase the value of rental planes.


Do tell…


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tongue in cheek comment to reduce beverage spills or need to constantly hold nonclosable containers during flight.


The real deal is that screw top containers are easier to secure during take-off, landing or any other time you need to set the drink down to handle instruments, maps, etc. Unless you guzzle the drink in the FBO before take-off, the screw top containers are more convenient. Then for the guy pilots they have an extra use about 2 hours later.

Caution: I am not so serious about this that we can’t drop the topic though.


The OP has posted a tongue-in-cheek postulate pertaining to the ease of spilling open beverages in aircraft, and hypothesized that resealable containers will aid in keeping aircraft clean, thereby allowing them to maintain their value for resale.

Try to keep up with the class Mr. Hout. :smiling_imp:


Sounds like another nanny-stater who wants to control everyone and everything. It is just this sort of overbearing regulation that stifles creativity, productivity and innovation.

The easiest way to insure that you have a resealable drink container in your airplane is to only buy recloseable drink containers, or refuse to purchase those that are not recloseable.

Part of flight planning is to know all information about airports of intended use. If you need a recloseable drink container that badly, perhaps that piece of information should be solicited before launching. If it is not available, one (or more, allowing for contingencies) should be purchased at the local convenience store before arriving at the airport.


Pffft, resealable containers don’t prevent accidental spills when it comes to opening carbonated drinks having been there and done that.

Think pressure changes and you get this unwelcomed surprise as the bubbles keep on spewing out even as you hear that comforting pssst without taking that cap fully off…

Lesson learned, water bottles only. :laughing:


true that! learned that lesson the hard way myself. Note to Self…soda fries avionics!



One very dark but thankfully not stormy nite about 12 years ago. We departed home for Christmas at the in laws in Oklahoma.

We planned a fuel stop in KS at sunrise, so we departed in the real dark of the night.

The airplane was full of goodies for the folks in OK.

(Remember it is very dark).

Climbing through 10k, a loud “KABOOM” comes from the back seat.
I review all the gages, nothing is out of line, the engine is fine, the airplane seems to want to track straight. Oh well, we continue on.

Upon landing, we found the back seat full of potato chips that came out of the bag that exploded.

Potato chip bags are not resealable, and they leave potato chips all over the interior of your airplane.

We ate chips and resealable soda for breakfast.


Same thing can happen to soda bottles. Try leaving a 20 ox bottle of soda in your bag while climbing to 12,000 feet in an unpressurized plane.


It’s one of those things you only do once.


Does Sporty’s sell cockpit cupholders for a P32R?

#14 … =pilotshop help any?


$35.00 for a cup holder…?
Oh, it’s an AVIATION cup holder! No wonder.


Yeah, but it’s made of .090 aerospace grade aluminum.


common remark from pilot that can’t afford the $35 can holder: Hey wanna see a fancy landing? Here, hold my beer…